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Get the kind training that only comes with years of trial and error, experimentation, and frustration. Our systematic teaching will shorten the learning curve and take you from simple tinkering to complex repairs and upgrades.

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Access course materials anytime, anywhere you have Internet access. Our detailed curriculum, easy-to-use interface, and judicious use of multimedia means you’ll get the most comprehensive and current learning experience.

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The course exceeded my expectations. Two days is not a long time, but Coach K did a great job with the time he had and I left with new confidence in maintaining my bike. I appreciate the way he teaches – “hands-on” as that is my preferred learning style. I was amazed at how orderly and clean the school is. Also Coach K has a large collection of various parts and frames that he uses to make the classroom portion of the course more tangible. Coach K is knowledgeable and humble and a joy to interact with. I highly recommend Bike School Asia and believe it is a high value for the fee.

Patrick Frey