Corporate Bike Maintenance

We’re all busy people with hectic lives. While most of us religiously make the time to go cycling, many find it inconvenient and even difficult to send their bikes to the shop for servicing. What if your mechanics came to you?

Bike School Asia works with Human Resource departments to arrange for ‘Corporate Bike Maintenance Days’.

On a scheduled date, we come to your office building and set up in a quiet section of the car park. Employees can bring their bikes to get them serviced — anything from a puncture to an overhaul — at special discounted rates.


Payment can be arranged directly from each employee upon receipt of their bike, or pre-arranged by the company as a service to ease a hectic schedule.

Corporate Lunch-time Classes (Lunch & Learn)

Bike School Asia can conduct lunch-time classes with a variety of maintenance and training topics. Classes are approximately an hour for presentation and practice, with optional additional hours for extra training, questions and other activities, such as bike inspections. Popular topics include common adjustments, problems and fixes, emergency repair tips, riding etiquette, bike fitting, skills and techniques, safety, and more. Need us to contextualize topics to suit corporate needs? No problem!

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