Stay back ‘after school’ for some extra learning!

DeTension is a series of workshops held in the evenings, presented by industry professionals.

Intro to Bike Fit

Presented by Martin Choo, Fahrenheit Performance

Martin is a certified bike fitter (RETUL Master Fitter, Gebiomized — Level 2, SICI — Certified) and also a USA Cycling Coach (Level 2). He works with competitive cyclists in Singapore, USA and Australia.

Martin founded Fahrenheit Performance and has the role of the Cycling Performance Engineer & Bike Fitter. He works on the interface between the mechanics of the body and bicycle to optimise performance by manipulating physics and biomechanical changes with the rider’s musculoskeletal conditions while increasing performance and reducing injury.

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The Tao of Lubricant — The DumondeTech Way

Presented by Chris Yap, Yap Bicycle Compania

Yap Bicycle Compania was founded in August 2015 by Chris Yap, a mechanic and wheelbuilder.

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