Bike School Asia’s Race Mechanic Program allows freshly certified mechanics to experience the often hidden world of race mechanics.

In this program, mechanics get the opportunity to work with elite, competitive and recreational athletes, learn from experienced team mechanics and coaches, and be exposed to cutting edge technology.

For those not too sure of their skills, refreshers and briefings are conducted prior to the events.

The BSA Race Mechanic Program is a great way to gain experience, boost confidence and make contacts and friends from the racing world. However, do note that the life of a race mechanic will not be easy as the days can be long and exhausting.

For outbound races, your lodging, food, transport will all be paid for.

Unfazed and still interested? Join us!


2018 Race Calendar

For 2018, we’re supporting the MetaSport race calendar as their Official Bike Mechanic Partner.
There are 6 events with 3 in Singapore and 3 in Bintan, Indonesia.


Event Dates Venue Mechanics spots
MetaSprint Series Duathlon  11 March  F1 Village, Singapore 3
Tour de Bintan 23—25 March Nirwana Gardens, Bintan, Indonesia 9
MetaSprint Series Triathlon 15 April East Coast Park, Singapore 3
Bintan Triathlon 11—13 May Nirwana Gardens, Bintan, Indonesia 6
IronMan 70.3 Bintan 17—19 August Plaza Lagoi, Bintan, Indonesia 6
CSC City60 Bike-Run Challenge TBC TBC TBC

Please note...

This program will NOT teach you to be a bicycle mechanic. Participants must have graduated from Bike School Asia, or have some verifiable work experience as a bicycle mechanic.



Cyclocross Singapore: Serennia Norris, Pan Kian Hua, Ronnie Liew, Andrew Poh

MetaSprint Series Duathlon: Alaric Kweh, Pan Kian Hua, Chris Yap, Clarance Tai, Davis Oh

Tour de Bintan: Alaric Kweh, Marcus Chan, Pan Kian Hua, Ng Thng Chen, Ethan Chua, Andre Sutanto, Ridwan Ismail, Sin Jun Jie

MetaSprint Series Triathlon: Alaric Kweh, Timothy Wong, Pan Kian Hua, Sin Jun Jie, Chris Yap, Clarance Tai, Andrew Poh

Bintan Triathlon: Timothy Wong, Choo Kok Wei, Pan Kian Hua, Sin Jun Jie, Ng Thng Chen

IronMan 70.3 Bintan: [pending: Timothy Wong, Choo Kok Wei, Crystal Tan, Prakesh, Sin Jun Jie]

CSC City60 Bike-Run Challenge:

Race Mechanic Program 2018


Tour de Bintan: Chris Yap, Alaric Kweh, Marcus Chan, Pan Kian Hua, Ng Thng Chen, Andre Sutanto, James Khong, Terence Tan, Lee Sik On

MetaSprint Series Duathlon: Alaric Kweh, Pan Kian Hua, Ng Thng Chen, Jeremy Peh, Pang Meng Yam, Ronnie Liew, Terence Tan

MetaSprint Series Triathlon: Pan Kian Hua, Ng Thng Chen, Jeremy Peh, Ronnie Liew, Terence Tan, Marcus Chan

Bintan Triathlon: Pan Kian Hua, Ng Thng Chen, Terence Tan, Marcus Chan, Fabian Fong, Alaric Kweh

IronMan 70.3 Bintan: Alaric Kweh, Pan Kian Hua, Ng Thng Chen, Fabian Fong, Andrew Poh

CSC City60: Serennia Norris, Alaric Kweh, Pan Kian Hua, Kenneth Goh, Andrew Poh

Race Mechanic Program 2017

  • BSA TdB2017 Race Mechanic Team

  • A couple of the lads earning their keep at a bike-building team building exercise where they disassembled bikes, supervised their reassembly and conducted final safety checks.

  • Spare wheels. Now with 11-speed cassettes!

  • Didn't have enough to eat at breakfast...

  • Sorting vehicle assignments and prepping tools

  • 5am breakfast anyone?


Tour de Bintan: Chris Yap, Teo Ser Hui, Tay Cheng Hong

MetaSprint Series Triathlon: Chris Yap, Teo Ser Hui, Lee Sik On, Pang Meng Yam

Bintan Triathlon: Gregory Chew, Carol Lim, Lim Hwei Yang

IronMan 70.3: Alaric Kweh, Marcus Chan, Ng Thng Chen, Chong Woei Ming

Race Mechanic Program 2016

  • Busy at 4.50am!

  • Preparing to move out

  • 3.30am wake up call in order to open shop at 4.45am

  • Yum!

  • Right in the thick of the action - we get a good view of the finish too!

  • Changing tubes and tubs by the sea

  • Changing tubulars

  • The view is not bad - right behind the start line!

  • Ensuring participants have their ideal tire pressure.

  • Unpacking and preparing the neutral service wheels.

  • Helping a participant unbox and assemble his bike.

  • Waiting for our transport to the race venue.

  • The calm before the storm.

  • The team making quick work of getting this bike race-worthy.

  • Twisted chains, cracked frames, exploded cassettes, damaged derailleurs, snapped cables, torn/worn tires, broken spokes and even damaged shoes – an experienced race mechanic is prepared for everything and anything.

  • Helping a participant unbox and assemble his bike.

  • Carefully and quickly.

  • Security personnel. The Tour de Bintan is a high-profile, big-deal event for everyone here.

  • After hard work, a nice buffet dinner.

  • Obligatory group picture.

  • One of the common Cat 1 racer rituals: fresh handlebar tape for the final stage.

  • Oh the irony...

  • Participants streaming in even as we're setting up the Neutral Service Mechanic area.

  • Punctures are par for the course, so tube replacements are the norm.

  • Inflating tires for the Prologue.

  • Selfie during vehicle assignments.

  • Clear blue skies ahead for the peloton.

  • The art of redistributing bottles.

  • Race Mechanic face.

  • Aftermath of a crash.

  • Only 150km to go!

  • Eye candy!

  • After stopping to help replace a chain, the only way to catch up to the peloton is to go off-road!

  • Up close to the race action!

  • It's a serious job.

  • Eye candy!

  • Sorry, can't fix that.

  • MetaSprint Triathlon

  • Oops.

  • MetaSprint Triathlon

  • MetaSprint Triathlon

  • MetaSprint Triathlon

  • MetaSprint Triathlon

  • MetaSprint Triathlon

  • MetaSprint Triathlon

  • MetaSprint Triathlon

  • MetaSprint Triathlon

  • MetaSprint Triathlon

  • MetaSprint Triathlon

  • MetaSprint Triathlon

  • MetaSprint Triathlon

  • MetaSprint Triathlon

  • MetaSprint Triathlon

  • MetaSprint Triathlon