Hesitant, Skeptical and Undecided?

Read what some of our students have to say – the good AND the bad – about their experience with BikeSchool!

Certified Bike Mechanic

Did the 6-days Mechanic course, and it was fantastic. For someone like me who rides often, but clueless to the the mechanics of a bike , it was extremely helpful. Things learnt will definitely come in handy.
Totally recommend it !!👍👍👍👍👍

Christina Liew

Great professional knowledge and skills taught to repair/maintain bicycles in tip top condition and without wearing their nuts and bolts out!

Daffy Lim

Good learning, good company with a bunch of enthusiasts.

Chia Miang Hwee

Took the certified bike mechanic course. Lessons are well paced. Course trainer is friendly, knowledgeable and very willing to share. The course is also very friendly to anyone who lack the mechanic knowledge. Wonderful learning experience. Good job Bike School Asia!!

BaoFa Lee

Thanks for a really good class. So much to learn and so well taught. Must admit to having considerably more respect now for my bike once I had learned what it takes to build and maintain a road bike. I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone interested in bike maintenance and then taking in another step. This would be the course for you.

Nigel P Crane

Good course and info on all the needs to know about bikes. Would recommend my friends for this course.

Mohammad Shukor Bin Yahaya

To enhance your bike mechanic skills and to know more about bicycles, I highly recommend (BSA) Bike School Asia!

Miko Erich Montano

Friendly environment, good facilities, fulfills me with in-depth knowledge about bike, satisfying.

Martin Damsyik Darmawin

It was a fantastic learning experience for me. I like it that it was a very hands-on and I was actually pleasantly surprised it was very comprehensive. Though overwhelmed by the amount of information, I looked forward to the class each day. I am now more confident in breaking down the bicycle and doing fixes. I look forward to where the learnings will take me.

Thanks Coach K and JJ!

Jit Chek Tan

Environment, work area, instructor and assistance, course materials and meeting people with similar interests which all added up to a wonderful experience. It gave me the confidence to work on my bike in more depth as information will be readily available. Thank you to Coach K and JJ once again.

Thian Sing Liau

Having cycling and doing some simple repair/part replacement for quite some years, the level of this course is just right for me to follow through and a lot of new knowledge to learn. Right balance of theory/practice session.  Continuously for 6 full days can be quite taxing. It may be good to have a break in between. Good lecture/training. Keep it up.

Kim Kang Koh

Thank you Coach K. It clearly shows how passionate, equally knowledgeable and the command you have on all the details of the entire cycling eco-system. I also love your eye for details and perfection, very inspiring! Keep up the great work you are doing and I am eagerly looking forward to do more with you and learn from you!

Prakash Suvarna

Awesome lectures. Enjoyed my classes. The learning experience is actually great.

Jayesh Jain

Great setup and the class was easy to follow. Instructions for the practical was given in a clear and concise manner.

Tan Tung Loon Donavan

[sic] When you want to know in-depth information about the World of cycles and cycling. Recommend Coach K @ bikeschoolasia a passionate person Who answers your questions with a smiley face, shares and teaches you as much as possible. Gives equal attention to all his students.

Muthaiya Panneer Selvam

Incredibly informative, useful and fascinating course in a very intensive format. There is nothing that the instructor doesn’t know about bikes! BSA has put together a comprehensive program that caters to all cycling interests and levels of knowledge. Thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has completely changed my outlook on cycling and bikes.

David Lavery

Very glad we have a bike school in this small island, very well organised. Well done. Cheers.

Toh Ping Tan

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Can recommend it to anyone interested in bike maintenance be it professionally or simply at home. In hindsight a quick lesson in tuning electronic shifting would have been good.

David Powell

A wonderful course. Would recommend to anyone who would love to acquire a complete knowledge to biking, both MTB and road bike.

Sze Ooi Kwang

Appreciate the time, effort and guidance you’ve provided during our week long training. It was enriching and certainly a very useful set of skills you’ve imparted as bike mechanic.

Just a suggestion for the lesson – perhaps you can provide a glossary of tools / equipment / material (grease, lubricants, damper fluids, etc etc) for easy reference? 🙂

Thank you and all the best for your business ventures – if there are any opportunities, activities for alumni or refresher courses, do keep us posted 🙂


Lim Fung Han

If you are narcotically addicted to biking, enroll yourself in this class. Your cold turkey curiosity will be cured. What more can I say? Try it!

Hirwantoe Mohamed Ali

The course is insightful. Learnt alot things from lessons. Coach was very patient and resourceful.

Chun Hua Peck

Enjoyable course and professionally conducted with professional tools.

Terence Tay

Good course notes.

Yeo Ping

Instructor is well prepared and very knowledgeable. Workshop is well equipped. Very informative notes.

Can include common errors. Provide Case Study. Include gearing system of other brand. Press fit BB hands on.

Jiayi Loo

Well prepared material — both theory and practical. BUT if it were run by any other course instructor… the “flavor” would be quite different due to the different experience and background of the teacher. So the challenge is how do you “standardize” teachings so that more classes can be held?

As a student, I would appreciate a follow up / follow through — that is, more available information on how to maintain a relationship with the school on a long term basis — access to tools, more learning, even being able to bring my bike(s) down to the school for personal repairing under supervision.

Thank you for an excellent “newbie” mechanic experience. By the way… HELLO! 😝

Serennia Norris

Awesome course! Learnt a lot more in 6 days than years of watching the know how on YouTube!

Andrew Decha Lim

Excellent course. A break from the routine at work and has given me the confidence to work on my own bike.

Ganesh Sivaraj

Great course, thank you.

The only thing that was annoying is that I was on time every day for the class to start but we had to wait for people to show up as they were late. I can understand if this was just once due to train delays but it was every day! I would have been able to finish every day 30 minutes earlier if we had of started on time every day.

Benjamin Farnsworth

Very informative course. Coach K is able give very in depth information on the different part of bicycle. Lot of practical hand on which is very important. Tools for learning are very complete. It would be better if the course lengthen to a week or ten days.

Choo Kok Wei

It has been a wonderful learning journey getting to know lots of bike stuff that we are ignorant about. Very well planned program aside from the time constrain factor. Will definitely recommend to other who has similar interest.

Ridwan Ismail

I truly enjoyed the lessons confucted by BikeSchool Asia for the professional certified bike mechanics.The course trainer knows his stuffs well and he is patient with me as I pick up the subjects slower. The course is also conducted in a systematic manner. After attention his class now I am more confident to know how to service and maintain my own bicycles properly. I would recommend any who is interested in proper bicycle maintenance to attend his lessons.

Tay Huck Wee

The course was very knowledgeable, challenging but quite stressful for me as I have never even done any mechanical servicing on my own bike. Thanks for being so patience with me definitely recommended! 👍

Chan Fook Seng @Farhan Chan

Wonderful course that help me to skill up on the knowledge on bike repair and clear my doubt on items that i don’t dare to touch on before.

Pan Kian Hua

Very well knowledge instructor. Working area relatively ok with wide range of tools. Documents are comprehensive enough but can do some update. Parking is expensive 🙂

Jasmani Ibrahim

Very knowledgeable, hand on classes. Worth travelling from India.

Raaj Konwar

Good curriculum that covers most aspect of bicycle mechanic skills. The mix of theory and practical lessons were just nice.

Kenneth Liew Kong Weng

Yaaa, execellent, im satisfied with the course and now more knowledge about bicycle, and i enjoy work with my team.

Mohamed Sudar

In depth and useful course, enhanced my knowledge on bicycle and making new friends. Suggest to have more hands on compare to theory, cause during hand on you will explaining as what theory is covering.

Raymond Wong Xu De

Course are well conducted. With all the equipments required are provided during class. Nothing to pick on.

Brendan Yeo

Before attending the Professional Bike Mechanics Course, there is a fear touching every bolt or screw, that may cause the bicycle parts going out of alignment. BSA demystify every part of bicycle component and explain to you, the science behind them. The course give me confidence to service my own bike and knowing, I can do a good job too.

Pang Meng Yam

The Bike Mechanic course is very comprehensive indeed and should provide a good start for hands-on bike maintenance. The shop location is good and class environment conducive for learning. The topics covered basically every parts of a bike to be maintained. Coach K is very patient and is willing to explain instructions that requires further clarifications. Will be interested to know if there is any more exciting courses in the future.

Glenn Seah

Had a good time in Bike School Asia and Singapore. The course was well structured. Coach was very patient and supportive. The group was also a very nice bunch of guys…supporting each other along the way.

Valentine Yapp

Learnt a lot during my 6 day course. Can’t wait to put it into practice.

Sazali Hussain

Many of the simplest repairs, I’ve been doing wrong all along. It was great to not only learn my way around the bike, but the correct way to maintain it. If you love your bike/s, then this course is a MUST.

Scott Bales

Honestly, this class is really fruitful and detail oriented. I purposely fly from Penang, Malaysia to attend this class and I have gain more than what I expected. Worth it !

Earlier i was sceptical that this class will get my hand dirty or not , and is out of my surprise that the hand on portion is occupied ~90% of the class! I truly appreciate the patient from the coach that guide me step by step in detail when I am in doubts. Two Thumbs Up!!

Boon Seah Liew

Thank you for the unreserved teaching of the skills to service both mountain bikes and road bikes, as well as sharing of knowledge of the relevant tools. I am looking forward to take part in the volunteer activities of The Bike School, and I will definitely recommend friends who are interested in bike maintenance to attend your class.

Chow Chee Huang

For those who are sitting on the fence whether to take up the pro mech course …. DIVE right in! Coach K’s methodology is clear and concise, demystify the complex world of bicycles. This is not the “run of the mills” type programs that are usually offered in a day or less. It’s a full week and jam packed with hands-on activities. It is as greasy as you cannot imagine when it comes to the suspension overhauls session or messy during the hydraulics. . Makes you appreciate and know the difference between a good and not so good mechanic. I came away the course feeling confident to deal with my own bicycles in mechanical soundness, basic suspension fit (retune to what I learn and it shaved 10mins of my usual timing on the BT trail today!), troubleshooting, overhauling thru assemble and dissemble…..If there is an advance course, I wouldn’t hesitate.

Chris Yap

Overall experience was fantastic. Trainer was friendly and approachable. I have gained lots of new knowledge and insight about bicycles and cycling. Training notes can be more comprehensive, should include the slides projected out during the teaching to the notes. Perhaps can change the lunch time to an earlier slot avoid over crowding.  😀

Julian Teng

Complete and concise syllabus. Will definitely recommend any prospective bike mechie to attend!

Roy Tan

Thanks for an amazing week. Your course was fantastic — I learnt a huge amount — both the hard stuff (overhaul) and the soft (building your reputation).

Michael Craig White

It’s a very good experience for me especially learning new things like this. Being a mechanic is not an easy job, you need passion on it and willingness to learn. Now, I become more confident in doing things on my bicycles and I really enjoy it. I will recommend this course to my group of friends cause its worth it and Coach K is very helpful on us! Kuddos to BSA!

Frederick Charles Esteban

I thoroughly enjoyed the course as it provided me with insights to aspects I do not normally dwell into such as those in roadies as I started off as a MTB purist. Method of instruction is clear and the class is well-paced. Study guide is also well documented with clear steps in various hands-on activities.

It would be great if the class can have a little more depth in the hands-on of suspension servicing. Perhaps different types of fork and shocks can be worked on, such as triple-crown, and coil rear shock /those with piggy back cylinders. Such exposure would probably provide the students with more confidence when they eventually encounter these parts. Otherwise, perhaps an online community for past students to communicate or exchange ideas with their course mates and instructor would be nice, forging a closer BSA community.

Xiang Jun, Francis Lew

Really enjoyed my week with Bike School Asia and my other students. The trainer Coach K is patient and helps everyone navigate the theory with ‘bucket loads’ of knowledge. Very hands on programme and great to work with like-minded, passionate people. I will be recommending from the rooftops. A Cracking experience.

Martin Reimann

Wonderful sessions! Informative and practical. Coach K made this one week a pleasant experience for the whole class.

Ronnie Lew

Course was well conducted. Topics were sufficiently covered in detail. Theory test questions were well structured in sequence according to the text book. Classroom is conducive. Location is good.

Sam Sue

The Professional Mechanic’s Course proved to be an outstanding week. Our instructor is extremely knowledgeable, professional and passionate for bikes. The class seamlessly covers the historical and technical aspects of all bikes and includes a healthy dose of “shop knowledge” that you just can’t get from an instruction manual. Small class size means plenty of attention/ help. Extremely “practical” experience so be prepared to use tools and get your hands dirty. I no longer fear a bike repair…… The school is in a great location in downtown Singapore. Close to good food, entertainment and plenty of riding as well. Thanks again and I look forward to attending another class in the future.

Alan Dwyer

The Professional Bicycle Mechanic course is a great course for someone who wishes to pursue a career the bicycle industry or for people who are very passionate about bicycles. The course is well structured and comprehensive but easy to follow due to excellent tutoring from the highly qualified instructor. His vast knowledge about all the different aspects of a bicycle and passion for riding definitely rubs on to Bike School Asia Students. The best thing about the course is the hands-on learning, expert tutoring and the fully equipped work bench facilities. After completing this course, I am confident I can progress further in the bicycle industry. I will definitely come back in the future. Thanks Bike School Asia!

Aidwin Aidan Wing

Certificate in Bike Maintenance

Signed up for the 3-days bicycle maintenance course. The instructor is very knowledgeable and patient. This is very good course for someone like me who is clueless about bicycles. It makes me more confident of maintaining and tuning my own bicycle. 👍

Diane Tiu

Trainer was very knowledgeable (every single type of bikes) and selflessly shared his “tricks” to make maintenance of bike easier! There were plenty of opportunities to hands on and trainer will patiently guide us! Program was structured in a systematic way to allow trainees to understand and grasp the understanding better! Definitely worthwhile going thru and will look out for the next available course!

Dennis Kong

Great course that I need for bicycle maintenance! Strongly recommended !

Lee Chun Hoe

Fantastic workshop. Very informative run by a friendly, knowledgeable and patient teacher. A must for all bike enthusiasts.

Gerard Chee

Excellent coach. Most likely willing to come back to take up Professional Bike Mechanic course. Nice workshop as well.

Milotov Vladamir

Enthusiastic coach. Shared with us lots of useful skills and knowledge. Programme were taught via hands on approach. I enjoyed the programme and interaction with both coach & attendees. I have learned and achieved my objectives from the programme (i.e competency in basic bike maintenance; headset, pedal, brake, RD & FD, Chain, Crankset, bike fit & etc).

Danial Chong

Just completed the 3 day bike maintenance course and Coach K did a wonderful job in teaching us. There is a good mixture of theory and practical. The PowerPoint presentations were very clear and easy to understand. He would also demonstrate the steps, stopping often to ensure that we understand before he went on to the next step. The course has provided a better understanding and appreciation of our bike parts and definitely empower us to troubleshoot more confidently in future. Hope to be able to come back for future courses again.

Yang Yi Bernard

Just completed the certificate in bike maintenance. Coach K was very professional and knowledgeable. His deliveries was very clear and lesson pace was just nice. He also did well in accommodating our questions and request during the course. Highly recommended for those who wants to take up this course. Well done BSA!

Hanafi Slaxz

I took a three-day Certificate in Bike Maintenance Course. Coach K made it clear and easy to follow with his step-by-step instructions as long as you concentrate on the demos. His tips for chain installation is also excellent as it is refined from his years of experience as a race mechanic. I never thought I would be able to install and setup the front and rear derailleur and am so glad to be able to do it now!

Ashleigh Sim

Wow. What a fantastic course – expert teaching and leadership from Ken, loads of good humour, stories and great fun. An action packed 3 days and worth every minute. I can not recommend more highly!

Kent Chaplin

I feel endowed now to ride my bike and take care of its maintenance. With a lot of hands on training and backed by sound theory, this course is highly recommended for anyone who rides a bicycle.

Ramanan Subramanian

Enjoyed the course, there’s many hands on which is very helpful.

Bernard Fook Meng Yip

Excellent course run by a great teacher. Very good balance of theory and practice. The tempo of the course is just right. The workshop is a master piece in itself. We enjoyed the experience and look forward to more practice and advanced modules in future.

Christopher Cheng

Found the three day course very worthwhile, increased my confidence to do a lot of servicing and tuning of my road bike by myself. I highly recommend it to anyone before you start buying tools/toolkits so you can figure out what it is you will need for the level of servicing on your specific bike that you want to perform yourself. Coach K and JJ had a great deal of extra knowledge and advice to share on all aspects of cycling and were very approachable and helpful. Thoroughly recommend it to the new and new-again cyclist, well worth the investment. Thanks BSA.

Peter Book

I had a solid purposeful training with the instructors and learn lots from them. Coach K is a good teacher who delivers his content effectively. Looking forward to attend the next course with Bike School Asia!

Tham Kin Loong

Very comprehensive course with a good balance of theory and hands on session. Instructions are clear and trainers are very knowledgeable both in theory and practical aspect. Able to provide good consultations during trouble shooting.

Se Wee Edmund Ng

It was a well conducted course with good spread of lecture and practical hands on. Good and well explained instructions and demonstrations helped to make understanding and hands on so much easier. The school was very well equipped with tools and bicycles. Very conducive environment for learning and practical applications. I throughly enjoyed the course and the information gathered will certainly help me understand the working the bike better, allow me to make adjustments and repairs confidently. Discussions and interaction between instructors and students was excellent.

Overall, the course was well conducted and definitely worth attending. Thank you Coach K and JJ

Sebastian Koh

Excellent instructors. The course curriculum is concise, systematic and the instructor possesses effective teaching/instructional skills. He’s passionate with cycling and is knowledgeable in the full spectrum of subjects, e.g. physiology, fitting, training regimes, etc. The course has exposed us to the many facets of cycling… not just the maintenance aspects. Will definitely subscribe to more courses with Bike School.

Lee Khai Leong

Thanks for your guidance! Definitely, getting someone to teach you face to face is wayyyyy better than trying to learn from youtube videos.

Muhammad Saad

Overall, a good and informative workshop. Would suggest the option of having students bring in their own bike for last day to practice — nothing beats “hands on” on own machine?

Jason Chan Kwok Chuan

Great course with great delivery. Found the contents comprehensive, addressing all aspects of the bicycle. Very good balance of theory and practice. Mission accomplished for I now feel confident enough to venture out to the outback alone without depending on support. Trainers were also very knowledgeable with the subject matter. I have been recommending this course to my cycling buddies since graduation.

Manjit Singh Randhawa

Knowledgeable trainer. Would recommend all cyclist who want to know how to maintain their own bicycle.

Crystal Pamela Tan

The 3-day Bike Maintenance Course proved to be extremely informative and well delivered. Knowledgeable and friendly instructor is very helpful and answered all our questions patiently, lessons were also well structured. The hands on were fun and students picked up the skills quickly through attempting to service the bikes themselves.

I would not hesitate to sign up any lessons with Bike School Asia. It is the go to place to learn anything related to bikes!

Yan Ren Tan

The trainer is a very experience rider and also a good trainer at Bike School Asia. Very patient and humble. He shares a lot his knowledge about cycling practically and theoretically. Bike maintenance tools were excellent and the notes were easy to understand. 3 Day course duration lesson were just nice to cover for Basic Bike Maintenance. Recommended to those who wants to widen their knowledge about Bike Maintenance. Thumbs up!!

Jefri Miswari

Trainer is very knowledgeable and experienced, greatly enjoyed the course Certificate in Bike Maintenance and learnt alot from it, other than that I also wish to accumulate further knowledge & intensive experience as years goes by, looking forward to work as a race bike mechanic.

Chiahui Ethan Chua

The bite-size sessions of theory followed by hands-on were very good for learning. Instructor was very knowledgeable and approachable. Lessons were conducted at an appropriate pace. Thank you.

Aravinthan Kumaran

Thanks for the 3 days of coaching and detailed explanation. Definitely appreciate all the hands on sessions and the sharing of experiences from real life situations. Hope to be able to come back for more courses in the future.

Yang Yit Soh

Course instructor is very detailed in his instruction. Learnt a lot of insider tips on how to maintain bicycles.

Chung Pong Sing

Excellent course with well thought out transition and modules. Hands-on components are well underpinned by theoretical walkthrough. I appreciate the history of bike component development also.

Clinton Yew

I enjoyed the bike maintenance course very much.

Christopher Chong

The course is well structured and covered the entire basic maintenance knowledge and hands on skills on the MTB and Road Bikes. I would strongly recommend those who are keen to learn bike maintenance to attend this course.

Lee Siak Toh Henry

Instructor was clear and concise, easy to understand and very willing to teach beyond curriculum. Curriculum was good for a short period. Perhaps practical exercises can be done on active bikes as very rarely do we get to work on bikes in such good condition.

Teo Min Jian

I enjoyed the course very much both the theory and practical lessons. Instructions given were very clear and easy to understand especially for participants who have no experience in certain areas like the removal and re-installation of Headset, BB, FD and RD. Well done and wishing BSA all the best in their efforts to education future bike mech, Pro and Novices!

Patrick Cheong HS

The instructor has very strong and professional knowledge in bike mechanics. The practice allows us to try how to unmount and assemble the bike components. It is a great experience for me! I really enjoyed the 3-day workshop and the environment is nice!

Ka Leung Lee

Good knowledge and hands-on practice gained. Another achievement in my cycling journey. And now I can start practicing DIY stuff on my first bike!

Mohamed Firdaus Bin Mohamed Noor

I’m very happy to have attended the course. The course had met my expectations. Besides naming the tools and parts, can consider to include pictures of the tools and parts.

Tian Sing Ng

The coverage of the bike maintenance course was comprehensive. The conduct of the course was also well paced with lots of hands on time to practice what we learnt. The instructor was also able to clarify our doubts and questions. Its a great course for anyone keen to know how to keep your bikes in peak condition.

Sim Je Rom

Firstly your knowledge for bicycle are very strong. Secondly, your teaching is quite professional and you have text for us to read further made learning easy. Your teaching help to clear many doubts.

Loh Yoon Siong

Certified coach and mechanic as well as experienced rider and racer, exceptional combination of a coach who can share more than just about what a bicycle is.

Ronnie Kong

I am glad I discovered the Bike Maintenace workshop offered by Bike School Asia right here in Singapore. The 2-day workshop that ran over a weekend from 9am to 4pm each day, covered everything necessary for a cyclist to know about bike repair and tune ups without having to rush your bicycle to a bicycle shop each time you get a flat, or need to tune up your brakes, derailleurs or shifters… you can do it yourself right at home with basic bike tools, or even on the move. The workshop was kept small so that there was good instructor to student ratio. The work stations were well equipped with all the necessary bike tools needed for every aspect of bike repair work. We also received a certificate at the end of the workshop. How cool is that! Definitely no regrets; and I will be back to do their 7-day Bike Mechanic course, and maybe also their wheel truing course.

G Lim

Thank you so much for the Bike Repair and Maintenance course over the last 2 days! I appreciate your clear explanation and visual presentations of the knowledge and concepts as well as demonstration of the skills. And the opportunity to have hands on experience certainly enabled me to gain a deeper understanding and confidence to perform the techniques after this course!

C Chung

We are a couple from Barcelona who attended the Bike Maintenance course on our visit in Singapore. We are so happy we could join the course because we learnt so much. The instructor is nice and patient explaining to us each technique as many times as necessary until we understood it and could do it ourselves. Thank you so much for the two days we could spend with you at the school.

SV Sola

Instructor is Professional and Knowledgeable. Lessons are well prepared. Instructions are clear. Lecture note are on line and complete. Group is small in 7-8 persons. Attention is fully given. Equipment is well organised in the drawer. 2 bicycles, per group, one mountain bike and one road bike, are given for hands on experience. Parts and material, tools are readily available. Beverages and snacks are provided. Lessons conducted on time. Best technical course. Well done, Bike School.

Sin Siew Tag

Very enriching course. The instructor was very experienced and knowledgeable. Hands on practice made me more confident the next time I hopped on my bike, knowing that I can deal with the problem that may come along.

Koh Juay Boon

Very interesting.

Adam Rostron

Great course. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot. Good balance between theory and hands on. Very relevant topics. A very productive weekend.

– spend some time on servicing the bike e.g. what and how to do a monthly, quarterly and annual service including how to clean the parts.
– offer a follow up session where the participants can work on their own bike at the bike school with access to support if needed. This can be optional with a charge.

Stefan Neff

I enjoyed my two-day course in bike maintenance and repair with Coach K. Very experienced and knowledgeable in what he’s teaching, with tips on biking! Will definitely recommend friends to join the course to know more about bicycle issues and troubleshooting. Two days was short yet effective. Thanks a lot! This course helped me be better in understanding a bicycle’s needs.

Colin Wong Ter Wei

Love the hands-on sessions and expert guidance to get to try taking the bike apart and put it back together again!

Sonny Santos

Great course. Clear instructions and lots of hands-on. Coach K is knowledgeable and passionate about cycling. He is willing and eager to share. Nice, comfortable place to learn.

Tian Soon Liang

Instructor presentation is very clear and easy to understand. The pace of learning is moderate. You can always ask the instructor to repeat the process if you are nor sure about certain things. Best of all, the workshop is fully equipped with all the required tools and coffee too. The only issue is the location. You really need to ask around if you’re not sure. Overall, really had a great time doing this course.

Zaree Sallai

It is professionally conducted, with a guy like me, who is not technical at all, has a feeling that I have learned something. I am quite sure I will forget what I have been taught, but its worth every cents of this investment. Once again thanks a million.

Tong Meng San

Thank you for an excellent 2 day course on the fundamentals of bike maintenance. The lectures were very well planned and informative covering the concepts and evolution of the bike technology. The workstations were setup with all the right tools and bikes. I appreciated the passion, quality, and patience taken in delivery of the content thought-out lab sessions.

Ebbie Baghaie

Super useful class and loved the hands on experience. We are lucky in Singapore to have access to world class experts that can impart these skills to others. Thanks again for a great course!

Matt Collette

It’s a very informative course. I’m coming from the point of view of someone with no prior experience in bike maintenance and to able to adjust/service deraileurs is during the course is so fulfilling. Instructions were clear and coach K is patient and helpful. Very happy to have signed up with this course to learn more about maintenance and servicing my own bike. 2 thumbs up!

Ivan Tan

Learnt a lot about bicycle maintenance. Lesson is structure and detail. Enjoyed the lesson. Thank you very much!

Terence Tan

I have achieved my learning objective and enjoyed the course. Thank you. Just two feedback :

1) Maybe we can bring our rides to the class as individual case study. You can guide us on how to check, repair and maintain our own bike after we have gained the knowledge. This will be more interesting and relevant to each trainee.

2) Maybe you can also skip the portion on calipers measurement as we would have learnt in school or can do a recap on our own.

Wang Eng Hin

Nice condusive environment to pick up bike maintenance skills. Strongly recommend it!

Jason Lim

Thumps up for the in-depth knowledge and patience of the trainer. Whether you are an experienced bike mechanic and novice, this course will definitely bring you to the next level.

Lanz Lee

I throughly enjoyed the course and found it very useful.

The instructions and explanations were clear and the small group size helped. We could ask questions and seek help when needed. The patience and calm response of the instructor was encouraging and I was not afraid to ask silly questions as a result. As the group was small and cosy and with the right facilitation the environment was non-threatening.

The ready access to a whole range of tools was also useful and, for me, educational. On the whole I am more confident of fixing my bikes and changing components if necessary.

What I thought could be improved was to include more tips on how to make do without sophisticated and somewhat unheard of tools. For non-mechanics like myself we are unlikely to buy some of these tools. We are only likely to use them once or twice a year. The torque wrench with adapters seems like a good idea.

As for content, there was too much information packed into 12 hours. There could be some way of differentiating the info according to interest and need of each participant. Maybe the participants could be required to post their questions before the course?

On the whole though, I thought it was a weekend well spent. Both educational and enjoyable.

Michael Francis Jalleh

Very good learning experience. Looking forward to learn more bike mechanical skill in the coming higher level course.

Pak Chow Yiu

Cycling is a great sport but may be a costly activity. This hands-on training gives all the keys to make it more enjoyable by getting more knowledges as well as confidence.

The course is very nicely balanced between theory and practical techniques. Bikes and quality tools are provided and the coach is deeply professional, knowledgeable (BMX, MTB and road as well) and pedagogical.This course is definitely a “must do” for anyone, newbies as experienced cyclists.

Christophe Vaes

Very informative course with very experienced trainer and well equipped training facilities. Highly recommended.

Alan Toh

It may not be deemed as a formal education however, the coursework you have put up as well as the learning experience – they are merely perfect in every ways. Personally the most favourable part of my learning is to be immersed in a bicycle fanatic’s school/workshop of yours truly =) the set up is amazing and impressive.

The lesson content is great and equally stressful, nonetheless the hands-on helped, gave me more assurance and boosted my bicycle knowledge with better appreciation and understanding in mechanical skills.

Low Chiou Jiing

Awesome. Just one suggestion – thought you may want to provide an option to conduct the course over 4 half days instead so that the lessons could be less intense.

Alan Yap

The hands on practical is a good experience!

Andrew Lee

Excellent class. I learn something new throughout the 2 days. A suggestion would be to have more practical hands on training whereas 1 individual is assigned to 1 bike.

Daneal Adam

The 2 day bike maintenance and repair course syllabus are well define on theory and practical hands ons, the instructor are knowledgeable and well experience, will definitely recommend it my friends and anyone who are interested in bike repair.

Keith Kang
  • Course content: as a basic introductory course: excellent.
  • Course detail: informative & not overwhelming, excellent mix of theory & practical.
  • Course practicality: plenty of hands on.
  • Course teacher: very knowledgeable, very friendly, very helpful.
  • Comments: lots to learn, need to return for a refresher.
Peter Owyong

Thank you Coach K for the wonderful two days of learning! I enjoyed the small-group hands-on sessions, awesome workbenches and tools (feels damn shiok pretending to be pro mechanics), beautiful presentation graphics and attention to the various details big and small. As someone seriously reconsidering my next steps, I also appreciate you sharing your motivations and stories of this journey you’ve been on since starting Bike School Asia. Just read the ST article which featured your story! Very humbling.

One suggestion: To better illustrate and help readers understand the step-by-step instructions in the study guide, you may consider having the text describe some drawings / photographs. Much much more intuitive and faster.

Grace Teoh

Thank you for this wonderful course. I am confident to repair my bike now. Hopefully I won’t be cheated by Thai bike shop. Looking forward to attend the Professional mechanic course in the near future.

FYI, now I am transiting Suez Canal!

Capt. Yeo Ping

Had an enjoyable experience. Good hands on practice and getting familiar with Bike mechanic knowledge etc.

Henry Lim

I would recommend the class for those that have no experience in mechanics but also for those who need some technical replies on topics that is hard to discuss in your bike shops. You will understand easy how simple things work. Coach K is good as a teacher, communicating and you can see he has passion on what he does and to transmit knowledge. We chatted previously with him on which were the areas one would like to focus so you do not leave behind questions. I will recommend to friends and others. I feel we should support initiative projects like this one in Singapore.

Oriol Garriga Ventura

The 2-day Bike Maintenance and Repair workshop was just what I wanted to help me get the best from my bike. The curriculum provides sufficient theoretical coverage and hands-on practice to make it a good 2 days spent. Personable coaching in a small class size makes for a really good learning experience.

I’m giving this workshop a 4-star rating and not 5 only because I felt that we could have had some time for reflecting on the learning we received at key points of the session.

Ethan Tan

Great basic mechanic class with very well structured material and hands on activities. Nice class room with a lot of bike part from olden days to newest part.. its give me more confidence to perfom my own bike maintenance and start building my own bike in the future.

Made Artha

Practical heavy course. Coach K is always around to help you if you’re stuck.

Glenn Chang

The class was well taught and structured. Especially the hands-on practice give me a real world understanding of servicing and maintaining my bike!

Ronn Yeo

I have watched online videos and read books on bicycle maintenance and repairs. But this class provides proper instruction, access to tools and hands on practice.

Jarrod Foo

Being very new to serious biking, I decided that I needed to learn from the pros, there’s only that much Youtube and Google can teach me and I had so many questions! These 2 days were in my opinion totally well spent. Aside from getting to know fellow cyclist and being enticed by all the bike options available, I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions led by Kenneth who was clearly experienced, keen to share and very knowledgeable. I left the class certified and more importantly with much more confidence to tinker with my bikes. Highly recommended course and I think I’ll be back soon for more classes, maybe wheel building one day!

Chow U-Jin

Awesome teacher. That is the first thing i would say about the course. Secondly, the content is incredible with both theory and practicals.Both road and mountain bike components were explained and demonstrated. Its great for the absolute beginner but it is also beneficial to the aspiring and working shop mechanic. I would highly recommend it.

Chang Soo Pang

Coach K was really nice and detailed with his explanations. Now, i am able to do my own bike servicing, maintainence and upgrades. Really awesome class with a badass coach. 🙂

Chang Soo Zheng

Value for money! Instructor is patient, skilled, competent, friendly delivers his presentations n practicals clearly. His free manual is chockful of information, diagrams n photos. He takes in 8 pax per course gor better personal attention.

They have students from as far away as Brazil n India! In my course, therez a bike shop owner from Penang who flew here n stayed 2 nights in a hotel.

John Paul Low

I like the training presentation as well as the practical hands-on. I really learn a lot and highly recommended to my colleagues to attend as well.

Bobby Macababbad

Very good course. Lots of hands on. Very experienced instructor. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about maintaining their bicycles!

Dennis Kow

Great lessons, I have learnt a lot more on bike. Bike School can consider renting out workshop and provide guidance to student who wish to do own upgrade, like buying the right parts and how to install and tune it.

Chong Wei Sing

I have no prior knowledge on bicycle repairs. The Bicycle Maintenance and Repair couse was very insightful and helpful as it offered hands on experience in many areas eg changing of tyres/chain. Suitable for people without any knowledge.

Daphne Ngo

Thank you for your unselfish imparting of knowledge to us. I like your systematic way of teaching about bike maintenance and repair, with a conducive clean environment workshop area for students to work on.

Perhaps someday you can run a course on how to built a new bike from scratch and how to pick and choose suitable components to built an ideal bike based on needs. How about include some daily tips and recommended good bike repair videos to share with your students on your website? 🙂

I will definitely recommend my friends to your school in future!

Joyce Lym

Hi, Coach K! A big thanks for your ever ready guidances, no pulling backs on all the information sharing and most importantly your great patience. It have been a very fruitful and superb learning experience for me as a zero/newbies for bike maintenace. I can’t wait to put these newly acquired skills on my own bikes!

Ong Wee Teck

The course was helpful starter… bikes aren’t difficult if you got the right tools and take baby steps to start your education. The new found freedom in knowing what makes your bike tick – makes the experience of owning a bike more enjoyable. Like a BONSAI tree – we all work on our own bonsais, but having someone like Coach K to help – makes a difference as we all share this common passion. Thanks Coach K for igniting my interest and passion!

Greg Chew

Thank for sharing of knowledge & experience…. & helping me to change my difficult tire…

Tan See Wah

Indeed a very good course for me as I am alway a lone rider who everything has to be DIY. Every thought is a good lesson to me. However, as a slow learner, I hope is a four days course instead of two days; meaning two weekends and don’t mind paying more.

Wong Poh Chwee

Very good learning experience. From zero to hero😀. Worth the money. Really learned a lot.

Russel Senence

Subject-wise was awesome. I gained some knowledge and I feel confident that I will rectify some issues on bicycle.

Aleonar Ranullo

Learnt lot of things. 😁 Overall now very happy!

San Yee Seng

Great course. Very professional and knowledgeable instructor!

Only feedback I can think of is to have a more structured roadmap for aspiring mechanics from zero knowledge to completely qualified bike mechanic.

I would like to see this as I think it would help those in the same situation as me.

From my personal experiece at the school, The steps are as follows:

  1. General bike maintenance and repair
  2. Wheel building
  3. Professional bike maintenance and repair

Great work and keep it up!

Kelvin Tjia

A superb two days of structured teaching, guidance and practical sessions. The work stations are very well equipped with top notch tools and equipment with road bikes and MTB to practice on during the hands-on sessions. Highly recommended for all cycling enthusiasts.

Jeffrey Low

I have a better understanding and confidence in maintenance after attending the 2 day course.

Ng Chee Koon

Great class led by an excellent teacher! I’m very glad I attended the course.

Claudia Nainggolan

My son attended the 2-day class. These are his exact words.
1. He loved and enjoyed the lessons taught in the class.
2. Coach K is a great and knowledgeable teacher.
3. He learned a lot during the 2 days.
4. He is looking forward to the Pro Bike Mechanic class in July.

Irfan Hadi Mohamed

Excellent Course. Very patient and helpful coach caters training according to needs of his students. Encouraging despite students being novices and many times being blur like sotong. Would highly recommend 🙂 Thanks for not only giving a great course but also sharing your journey and passion with us.

Jeremy Fong Soon Seng

Thanks for the great class indeed! The presentation slides were further enhanced with well guided practical sessions. A highly recommended course if one needs to know basic bike maintenance.

Jeffrey Ong

Certificate in Wheel Building

Went for the wheel building course over the weekend. Really pick up good knowledge and practical skills. Thanks a lot to Coach K and the other young instructor (JJ)!

Edmund Ng

Thank you so much, the class lesson was so good and excited to attend, so much good info, high skill and good technics to learn from. Please keep in touch, I want to learn and know more about bike business, I hope one day if I get retrenchment I could joint you into bike industry. [sic]

Kam See Yuen

Details are explained accurately and properly. Enjoyed the training and it has given me the confidence to go ahead and get my own tools to build wheels.

Choon Leong Yong

Thanks for a great wheel building course over the weekend. Really glad I picked up some new skills and I thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on experience.

Nick Cordeiro

The lesson was great but it would be better if we had notes on hand.

Mohamed Yassin Riduan

Extremely enriching and well worth spending a whole day at Bike School Asia. I felt that i truly learnt a new skill (wheel building/truing). Would definitely recommend any inquisitive home mechanic to take up these courses.

Edwin Loh

A good place to learn more and gain skills from here. Great teacher who is very friendly.

Mohd Fadli

Coach K was very patient with us as some of us were fast learner, and some were slower. Overall the wheel building class is very informative and an eye opener for me.

Muhammad Shaufi Nordin

From start to the end what I can say is now…… I can do wheel building… thanks to the instructor for teaching us.

Shamshir Sumsoory

The course is well conducted. All the equipment required is provided during class.

Brendan Yeo

Bike Fitting, Level 1

An eye opening course… very interesting and informative.

Ridwan Ismail

Very good course. Learnt alot from this course in just a short time.

Luqman Abd Hadzid