Bike and body in perfect harmony. Whether you’re a racer on a roadie, commuter on a foldie, or mountain biker on an MTB-ie, we have the knowledge, tools and experience to get you and your bike working as one.

Shopping for a new bike? Remove uncertainty with a pre-purchase fit to select your ideal bike. 

Even if you’re generally happy with your bike set-up, and just want to swap out a saddle or pedals, or consult a fitter regarding a specific issue, we’ll be glad to help.


Duration: 90—120 minutes
  • Adjust your cleats and overall riding position in accordance with your posture, ROM and flexibility.


Duration: 180 minutes
  • Optimise your position on the bike with static, dynamic fit and pedaling analysis.

On average, 85% of cyclists experience some form of knee, back, neck/shoulder, numbness/tingling, and/or saddle pain when riding. Despite this fact, most assume it’s just part of cycling and suffer through it, hoping their symptoms will just go away. Cycling can and should be pain-free. We’ve been helping cyclists of all disciplines ride with more comfort, power and pleasure since 2013. It begins with a professional bike fitting.

Evolution, Not Revolution

Test, Don’t Guess

All Bodies, Any Bike

Truth be told, the bicycle is a simple machine, and anyone with a ruler and goniometer can do “bike fitting”. Very often, “bike fittings” in bicycle shops are performed by poorly trained, inexperienced individuals driven by commission and up-selling of equipment . The body is a complicated system and each of us is unique, so a good bike fitting actually requires a comprehensive understanding of your body as much as knowing how to adjust a saddle. As a training practice, we keep up-to-date on both body and bike, combining fundamental knowledge of biomechanics, physiology, and exercise with bicycle mechanics for the best possible outcome.

Adapt Bodies, Adjust Bikes

Fitters Fit, Not Systems

Big-Picture, Detail-Oriented